On or about September 24th, 2015, the president/owner of TripZilla, Mark Young sent a letter to his member base informing them the company was no longer able to continue providing member benefits through their website and/or customer service. That TripZilla is out of business. Here is a recap of the letter and how it affects your membership.

First - TripZilla is out of business, and will not be able to service their members' needs and what they own is now worthless.

Second - That TripZilla's members that were interested could take advantage of an arrangement Mr. Young made with RSI Vacations, to offer continued servicing of an enhanced membership going forward on an annual basis. The letter also informed the member base that in order to take advantage of the offer that their quarterly renewals would now be an annual billing of $189 only if the member elected to take advantage of this offer.

Brief Overview of Benefits

RSI Vacations has a range of benefits that go far beyond what you had previously with TripZilla.biz. Their service and benefit arsenal is truly amazing. You will now be able to take advantage an array of benefits: 1) over 100,000 condos online plus access to professional condo experts for special requests 2) Online hotel bookings at guaranteed lower rates than the big retail online sites like Expedia, or Orbitz. In addition, a US call center to help facilitate any of your travel questions or needs. 3) Due to RSI Vacations special relationship with the major cruise lines, you will find genuine discount pricing on cruises you can also book online or with their special agents.

RSI Vacations agreed to assist TripZilla's member base only as a service and benefit to the member and to the goodwill of the industry. RSI Vacations did not sell the membership to the member, did not buy the member base from TripZilla and did not receive any funds from TripZilla.

Members are under no obligation to take advantage of the offer or pay a renewal. Members can decline to pay the annual renewal fee if they wish and have no further responsibility. By doing so, the membership will be deactivated.